Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Few Good Men

More like 120 good men - that's the Summits Team!

Well, not supringly my first blog post is about Summits Africa, the company I founded in June 2007. My aim was simple - be the best. To acheive this I took the team I had moulded since 2001 and set up as an outfitter - a company that provides services to others. Our aim, by being very specialised on the delivery of our trips rather than the marketing or selling of them, is to excel.

So - is the result. Development and tourism in partnership is our motto and we are bearing fruit. In November 2008 we trained 60 porters and crew in basic first aid testiment to the way we operate.

Interesting stuff to follow - Machame versus Marangu, walking in West Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro and glaciation and so on... Keep checking in!

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Sojourn Safaris said...

Summits-africa sounds like a very noble idea to improve services on kilimanjaro. I must say that sometimes the guiding services are wanting and you company is forging new frontiers which will improve climbers experiences beyond seeing and stepping on kibo summit.

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